Network for Your Mobilization

Get Remote with NUMA Networks

NUMA Networks helps design and implement wifi networks that make good economic sense for your business. We allow proper access, along with required security against unauthorized users. We cut down on the cost of you doing business … and doing business fast. Let’s increase transactions, reduce inventory, ease entry to markets and suppliers, elevate supply chain management, and work from home or abroad. There’s nothing remote about this kind of efficiency. The reliability, speed and scope of wifi is charged with the “death of distance” for business. Do more from virtually anywhere. Close the gap between employees and productivity. No cables attached.

Companies that suffer catastrophic data losses take significant hits … to their revenue, to employee morale, and potentially to their competitive edge.

Wifi network IT Support Services

  • Converged wireless & security management
  • Single solution for faster troubleshooting
  • Platform provides more efficient network operations
  • Complete visibility into endpoint connectivity
  • Automated wireless configuration & management functions
  • Supports an open API for easy integration with mobile apps & services
  • Create multimedia apps to exploit location, context & device info
  • Deliver service differentiation
  • Provide inspection capabilities
  • Cost-effective method for offloading mobile data
  • Deploy value-added services
  • 100% cloud managed for quick & easy deployment
  • Get the latest firmware and software updates seamlessly
  • Supports identity management
  • Allots dynamic bandwidth control
  • Caters to self-care provisioning
  • Offers personalized services
  • Protects performance with forensics & policy enforcement capabilities
  • Up-to-date security that addresses data security standards
  • Create a self-healing, self-organizing wireless network
  • Scale to manage unlimited access points
  • Deliver centralized security policies, IPS capabilities & management for improved QoS
  • Continuous monitoring & troubleshooting of wireless network

Benefits of Our Wifi Networks Services


We log in users to ramp up mobile productivity and service opportunities. That’s simply not possible with wired networks. Does your staff needs to carry portable wifi handsets to take calls anywhere, anytime? What about wifi-enabled PDAs and laptops for quick and easy access to real-time information? Eliminate cellular usage charges? At NUMA Networks, that’s done, done … and done.

Reduced Cost-of-Ownership

NUMA Networks accounts for significantly lower installation expenses. You lessen the life-cycle costs of your investment in wireless hardware. You get greater long-term cost benefits in dynamic environments that require frequent moves and changes. Unlock those financial cuffs. Free your business to become more profitable.

Installation Speed & Simplicity

NUMA Networks installs a wifi network system expeditiously and easily. Of course, we remove the need to pull cable through your office walls and ceilings. No wiring for PCs. Gone are the switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors. Now, doesn’t that sound neater?


NUMA Networks helps your business ascend to new heights. We configure your wifi network to specific applications and installations. Easily changed, they range from peer-to-peer networks suitable for limited users to full-infrastructure networks for many more users roaming over a broad area. You also get insight from regular summary reports about your network. You now better understand traffic, clients and application usage.

Stop congestion, blocked IT, frustrated employees, and business stagnation with IT Solutions that Flow.

Streamline your operations today.