Message from the President Warren Hino

Our lives have changed drastically over the past two months due to COVID-19. We have experienced changes to our lives, our jobs and our routines. COVID-19 has altered our world and it has taken so many precious lives. We, at NUMA Networks, grieve the loss of the many people who have died and grieve with the families who are in mourning.  As we have heard from California’s Governor recently, we are moving into stage 2 of his 4-stage plan. As more states reopen, how will businesses and employees prepare to transition back to their “normal” work environments. This interruption to our lives is not over. We are navigating a “new normal” and work environments are changing in the short term and possibly the long term. 

Companies Intent to Permanently Increase Remote Work

According to a survey of CFOs by Gartner, 74% of companies intend to increase remote work and 20% of the positions that moved to work from home intend to remain as permanent remote workers post COVID-19. Companies not only face changes to increased remote workers but also to meeting with customers in person.  How will businesses address a more virtual workplace? How will companies prove themselves successful in this new world?  How will you support your employees’ productivity?  IT is an essential partner, more than ever, for all businesses as remote work becomes a mainstay practice across industries. A strong IT staff is necessary to navigate the challenges regarding security and support capabilities for employees both in and out of the office.  

How can NUMA Networks help your organization prepare for the “new normal”?

Whether you are transitioning back to “the office” or your workforce remains working remotely, we’re here to help. We are here to protect your business and are available to assist you against the constant threat of ransomware. Please contact us today.

Questions? NUMA can help.

Submit your questions below and we’ll get back to you shortly. For a faster response, call 714.455.3900 and talk with us now!

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