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Service Desk

If you are a NUMA client and are experiencing an IT service issue, please review and follow the steps below on how to open a service ticket. Following these steps will expedite the process and categorize the issue appropriately.

Step 1

Classify your service issue using the 4 priority categories below.

  1. CRITICAL – Sitewide outages or issues that affect multiple people from doing their job.
  2. HIGH – Issues that are preventing someone from doing their job but only affecting a single person.
  3. MEDIUM – Issue that prevents one person from doing a function of their job efficiently.
  4. LOW – All other low priority requests. Example: I would like to order a new computer for accounting.

Please note: If the issue is high or critical as defined above, please call NUMA’s support team. Issues emailed will automatically be assigned as medium even if it’s critical or high unless the point of contact calls it in.

Step 2

Understand your response time.

Every NUMA Care package indicates the number of designated points of contact for your company and the response times based on your package. Please review your care package to understand your designated response times. A NUMA engineer will respond within the times listed in your care package terms as it relates to the different categorical issues or if you need new installations.

Step 3

Now you’re ready to open a ticket!

There’s 2 ways your point of contact can open a support ticket.

  • CALL or EMAIL NUMA based on the 4 priority categories as outlined in Step 1
  • Always call if you need after hours assistance with critical sitewide issues or issues impacting business operations

During business hours, to reach NUMA’s support team, call (714) 455-3900.

  • Press 1 to leave a message
  • Press 5 for sitewide emergencies

You can also email the support team at with your medium and low priority issues.

  • Provide as many specifics as possible in your email in order to help our engineers better understand  your issue
  • Include who to contact about the issue, a contact number and a screenshot of the issue, if possible