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NUMA’s team of experts identifies risk, clears congestion to streamline your business operations.  

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NUMA Networks has a proven repeatable, reliable process that helps businesses from the Manufacturing and Engineering industry to the Construction and Architecture realm.  We know your industry like our brother. 

No more staying up all night wondering if your back-ups are happening or if you trust in your current IT partner. 

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About NUMA Networks

NUMA is a leading provider of IT and cybersecurity solutions based in Orange County, California. We specialize in delivering practical, innovative solutions that maximize operational efficiency, optimize systems, and protect against cyber threats. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with businesses of all sizes and industries, providing personalized attention and guidance to foster growth.

With a focus on seamless flow and operational excellence, we empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Partner with us to experience the difference of comprehensive support and cybersecurity resilience in Southern California and beyond.

We’re a fun-loving group of California IT professionals striving to make the best of our work day and yours.

We keep an eye on the latest IT advances and are always looking to streamline your IT systems and processes for a better, brighter day.

Small Business IT Solutions

Say Goodbye to Disrupted Business Flow

Identify key risks your business faces in your industry that are preventing growth.

IT Managed Services in Orange County, California

Say Hello to Effortless Execution

Our suite of services, including cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and IT projects, is carefully designed to infuse a sense of fluidity into every aspect of your operations. Experience the transformative power of flow and witness your business soar to new horizons.

IT Services for Your Industry


Cyber Security Solutions that ensure your business flows securely. Protect against cyber threats, mitigate risks, and address pain points like financial losses and compliance. Our proactive threat detection keeps operations uninterrupted, safeguarding valuable data.

Managed IT

Our IT Projects Solution ensures smooth project flow. Streamline planning, management, and resource allocation. Benefit from industry-leading tools, minimizing delays and optimizing resources. Leverage expertise for guidance throughout. Trust us for successful IT projects.


Compliance roadmapping for your industry. Get ahead of the game. Stay proactive, in-the-loop, and compliant.


We can work with your existing IT team to streamline systems or take a fully managed approach to boost your growing business.

Working With NUMA Networks

Realign your IT solutions for happier employees, smoother systems, and better business.

They went above and beyond what they needed to do in assessing where our problems were and what we needed to do to fix it. Mike was always available to answer any issues (and we weren't even a client) and his knowledge and experience always came through. The other factor is trust. I felt completely at ease in being able to trust them in all factors, including price, quality of work and responsiveness. I think honesty and trust is so important when you are basically giving up a lot of private information and control to another company. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone in need of anything to do with computers, systems, networks, etc..

Co-Managed IT Support

NUMA is simply the best around. Warren, Mike, Shawn, Alexander, Dixon, Tiffini everyone... is helpful and just really good at what they do and even better at explaining why. They solved problems from our previous computer techs that said they knew what they were doing and did not. After 3 companies, NUMA fixed it all. I never write reviews but I felt compelled to do so here as NUMA has helped us through a crash, hackings, etc and we are just better for it now. Folks, pay the money for these guys even if you are a small company, you will spend more as I did than you would of if you didnt try to save a few bucks. They are the real deal. If you would like to talk to me to here the whole story, call me at So Cal Fab 714.638.2600, John

John T. Managed IT Services

NUMA Networks is amazing for computer support in Orange County. They are quick, dependable professional, honest and complete experts on everything computer! At one time, we needed immediate IT support for several networking and computer issues and NUMA Networks was able to respond that very same day. I would highly recommend NUMA Networks for any sort of computer or IT support in and around Orange County.

Mike Plata Managed IT Services

IT Solutions That Streamline Business Operations

Creating better systems so your business can flow more easily.

IT Simplified

Experience the power of practical solutions that simplify complex challenges and streamline your operations.

Smoother Systems

Elevate your business operations with the seamless flow of smoother systems, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Less Downtime

Your business can't manage downtime. Emails need to flow, communications need to go smoothly, tech needs to just work.

Support Solutions

Who doesn't love a good help desk experience? Let our team become a part of your team that you can rely on.

Growth Support

Is your business outgrowing your current IT solution? Why not work with a managed services provider that grows with you.

Operational Efficiency

Harness the power of our team to optimize your existing IT systems and drive superior operational performance.

Our Partners

Looking for an IT Company that is familiar with your specific tech? We partner with companies that are trusted, reliable, and provide the best in IT systems and support. Contact us if you’re curious if we can help with your specific system.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with NUMA is as easy as making a phone call…assuming your phone systems are working right.

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IT Services Near You

NUMA serves the Orange county area of California including: Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Irvine, Anaheim, and Newport. Contact us today to find a tech near you.

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