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Business security, work from home, let our team of cloud experts help you navigate the new normal!

Breathe New Life into Your Business

Numa simplifies and secures IT, so your teams can focus on what matters most to you.

Cloud Computing

Get ongoing support for necessary IT tasks, including the monitoring of your network and proactive consultation. Our team will cover your employees so everybody is supported and nobody gets left behind Learn More

Cloud Computing

Audit, assess, and address your cybersecurity holes before a hacker turns your business upside down. Our proven methodologies will secure your team and technology and you still get hacked, get you back up and as soon as possible. Learn More

Customized IT Services

Every business is unique. They have their own systems, processes, hardware and tools. Our job is never to get clients to do things our way, but to find a middle ground where we can support your team, your cloud and unique needs Learn More

What’s Right For You?


Numa can manage every aspect of your IT support and infrastructure. We can start with a proper evaluation and take it from there.


Numa can partner with your IT team to provide the resources you need. Our experts can also help with stack evaluation and strategic planning for the future.

Increase revenue growth and boost business success with IT support.