Get Agile with NUMA Networks to Accelerate Your Innovation

Your business is poised to grow. You don’t want to worry about your infrastructure keeping pace with innovation or responding to competitive pressures. We solve those concerns in many ways.

NUMA Networks virtually connects you to your computing resources using the cloud. Your server space, network connections, bandwidth, load balancers and IP addresses … all highly scalable, secure, compliant, and with endless uptime. Your new-found agility now accelerates your time to market. We maintain your capabilities so you never outgrow or underperform on your resources.

Infrastructure IT Support Services

  • Hardware & hardware support
  • Enhanced response times for high availability & performance
  • Compute capacity on demand for peak processing
  • Identify system performance issues & bottlenecks with guidance to eliminate them
  • Deploy hardware on-premise
  • Detect system reliability issues & provide uptime reports for system components
  • Recognize system security & compliance issues
  • Provide direction on configuration changes & patches needed to comply with best practices
  • Isolate deviations from best practices & recommended configurations
  • Patching updates remotely performed

Benefits of Infrastructure Services

Cost Savings

We ensure you no longer need to safeguard uptime, maintain hardware and networking equipment, or replace overused gear. Infrastructure services save you from buying more capacity to deal with sudden business spikes. And, because infrastructure usage is metered, you only pay for what you consume. Now, you avoid large fixed monthly or annual fees for benefits you may not use. At NUMA Networks, no upfront charges, bandwidth utilization fees, or minimum term commitments.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

We realize it’s often impossible to properly manage disaster recovery and business continuity plans as well as technologies. Not for NUMA Networks. We provide a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure. It reduces costs, increases manageability. If disaster strikes, you still access the same infrastructure via an Internet connection … from wherever you are. You continue to function as usual – email, web servers and critical applications. The result: quick recovery; no loss of data.

Scalability & Flexibility

We give you the ability to scale up and down quickly in response to changing requirements and opportunities. We deliver the latest, most powerful storage, server and networking technology to accommodate your time-to-market strategy. Now, you have on-demand scalability, added flexibility, and greater agility with NUMA Networks.

Focus on Growth

Time, resources and energy well spent is on growing your business. Not deliberating over technology decisions, hiring staff or maintaining infrastructure. By moving your infrastructure to a service-based model, NUMA Networks helps you focus time and resources where they belong – on developing innovations for your customers and growth.

Faster Time to Market

At NUMA Networks, we see strong competition in every industry sector. And, time to market is one of the best ways to beat your competitors. Because our infrastructure services deliver elasticity and scalability, your business rapidly ramps up and gets the job done before anyone else.

Increase revenue growth and
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