Get to Know Darryl

Darryl Jung, Technology Success Manager

Darryl Jung joined our team in 2023 as Technology Success Manager. In his role, Darryl works directly with our clients to learn about their business goals and equips them with the right technology solutions to power them toward their business objectives.

Darryl holds a BA in Sociology from UCLA and spent fifteen years running his own software company. Darryl’s experience owning his business allows him to wholly empathize with our clients, making him tailor made for his role. Although Darryl says that he fell into the IT world by accident, he loves that being Technology Success Manager allows him to use his passion for technology to help and connect others.

Those who know Darryl best describe him as a connector, resourceful, and someone who takes initiative.

Outside of the office, Darryl is a father of two Lego-loving munchkins, a two-time marathon runner, and feels his best when he’s encouraging and raising up those around him. Darryl prides himself on his ability to take risks fearlessly and is inspired knowing that, no matter the difficult situation, all the pieces to the solution are out there and it’s just up to us to put them together.

Darryl’s professional experience and love for both technology and connecting others lend him perfectly to his role as Technology Success Manager.

To get to know Darryl, connect with him via email or on LinkedIn.

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