Meet Doug, Interim CEO

Doug Westervelt, Interim CEO

Doug Westervelt joined our team in the fall of 2023 as Interim CEO. As Warren continues his path to recovery, Doug is tagging in to make sure that everyone at NUMA has the support, resources, and guidance they need.  

Doug and Warren have been both peers in business and friends for over a decade, talking at least bi-weekly and meeting quarterly to discuss the challenges and successes of their businesses. As the owner of his own MSP in Portland for twenty-six years, Doug knows all the ins and outs of IT and the importance of technology in business.  

Over the years, Doug and Warren have bonded over their similar company cultures and compassion-first approach to solving their clients’ businesses challenges with high-caliber technology solutions and top-tier service. As Warren’s friend, Doug understands NUMA’s culture and values of service and community.   

Doug has spent the last several months visiting NUMA, getting to know our people personally and learning about our clients’ businesses. One of Doug’s favorite parts of being CEO is connecting with fellow business leaders, so he’s interested and excited to continue meeting with our clients and learning more about their businesses, firsthand.  

Although Doug now calls the Pacific Northwest home, he’s a born and raised Californian and spent a lot of time in Orange County during his college years. Outside of the office, Doug is a professional violist, consummate traveler, and loves to unwind with a hoppy, dank West Coast IPA.  

Doug is in the NUMA office regularly and would love to meet with each of our clients in person. You can connect with Doug via email or on LinkedIn 

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